Providing support so no one is forgotten

Help Close By is a small charity with one goal: to help vulnerable and self-isolating people get local assistance for the things they need.

We use our software to help coordinate the fantastic work of volunteers and organisations doing everything from collecting food parcels to picking up prescriptions. We connect those who need support with those who can provide it.

We make sure no one is forgotten. Our hotline means that even those without access to the internet can easily get assistance with the things they need.

How can Help Close By help you?

Help Close By is easy to use for both users and volunteers:

The services you need are all in one place. You no longer have to actively search the internet or trawl social media forums to get or volunteer help.

Request support on someone else’s behalf and have peace of mind their data will be protected.

Requests are sent to local volunteers who are available right now. No waiting for your neighbour to finish work.

Volunteers belong to long-established service providers and have met their strict volunteer criteria.

Your data is safe with us. We will send your user information only to the volunteer and delete it from their phone when they have completed their task.

A feedback system adds an extra layer of protection against potential issues such as anti-social behaviour.

Beyond Covid-19

Help Close By launched in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis as a response to the increased number of people needing local assistance with everyday activities. When the crisis dies down, you’ll still be able to easily get local support using our software.

With our nationwide rollout and new features in the pipeline, our mission is to make sure as many people get support as possible.