If you’re interested in volunteering in person with Help Close By, please fill in the below so we can get in touch with you. For volunteering work involving delivery of items, we will ask you for your address and ID as part of the induction process, for safeguarding reasons. For more details on how we work please see our FAQ below.

You will be sent a welcome email after sign up to to book you in for an ID check which is mandatory for volunteering with Help Close By and will be asked to watch an induction video before you can start.

Volunteering FAQs

What is Help Close By and what's involved?

Which areas will I work in?

How often will I be expected to volunteer?

How long will I be expected to volunteer for?

Will I get training?

Are you able to cover petrol costs or Clean Air Zone fees?

What is the address of the food pick up location?

What are the benefits of volunteering?

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Help Close By is a charity registered in England and Wales.

Registered Charity Number 1190642

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