Partner with us

Are you an Organisation or mutual aid group already providing assistance to those in need?

Help Close By builds on the fantastic work that groups like yours are already doing. We know it can be challenging to identify exactly who needs support then connect them with the right local volunteers to quickly help them. So we have built a platform to help charities, mutual aid organisations and local support groups manage resources.

Have you received an increase in requests and finding that the admin pressure is getting too much? You need volunteers on the frontline, not stuck at a desk handling spreadsheets.

Or maybe you’ve run out of certain supplies and need to signpost users to another organisation. Ringing around your existing network to see who can help is time-consuming and means your users have to wait longer to get the support they need.

And then there’s the issue of personal data. You need to make sure your users’ data is protected so it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Not an easy task when you’re working with paper resources. Our software encrypts all user data and requests, and only provides information on a need-to-know basis. Once the volunteer completes the task, we then delete it from their handset.

We have harnessed the power of new tech to make it easier for groups like yours to manage resources, understand local demand, redirect users, and ultimately do what you do best: support people in need.

Why partner with Help Close By?

Save time and money
Free to use for users, volunteers, and organisations.
Self-automated system means no more manual spreadsheets and safer personal data.
Instant notifications so nothing gets missed.
Easy to use with simple requests and space for added detail.
Greater visibility of local demand to help you manage resources.
Support vulnerable people who do not know about your organisation, so no one is forgotten.
Foster community engagement further by encouraging volunteers to support their immediate neighbours and become part of an established group.
No compromising your group’s ethos. We respect our partners’ safeguarding policies.

How Does it work?

Register your interest with us. We’ll get in touch to assess your situation and hold your hand during the setup phase.

Encourage existing team members to register as Help Close By volunteers.

Review the tasks in your feed and accept the ones you can do.
Complete the task and move on to the next.

Increase your impact in the community


Given the sensitive nature of users’ requests, we take safety extremely seriously. That’s why we only accept volunteers who’ve been vouched for by our approved organisations.

Many organisations already have safeguarding mechanisms in place and we respect this. We know these are the result of careful consideration and experience, and are aligned with your particular ethos.

With this in mind, we do not have a set of standards that all partner organisations must adhere to. Instead, when you partner with us, we ask you to confirm in writing that you have your own written standards to cover safeguarding and identity checks.

This includes mechanisms for raising concerns about service users’ safety and taking action, if appropriate. All your staff and volunteers must be familiar with these.   

If a volunteer becomes concerned about a user’s safety, they will follow the safeguarding procedures of their own organisation. However, there is also the option to flag concerns to Help Close By.

If your group doesn’t have procedures in place yet, then we can help you set them up.