You’re in safe hands

Help Close By is a platform that connects people who need support with people who can help. With this in mind, we have built safety into our software from the very beginning.

Nothing is more important to us than the safety of everyone who uses our platform.

How we keep our users safe

We only work with approved volunteers. This means that any volunteer who you meet will have passed several layers of checks.

To become an approved volunteer, they must be vouched for by one of our partners. Their organisation must declare their volunteers meet their own safety standards.

We’ve built several technical features into our platform to make sure no one exploits the system. All volunteers must have a vouching code to register.

This code is unique and Geo-limited. A group in one city which works in more than one area can’t vouch for someone in another city. This means groups can only vouch for volunteers they know.

We check all our partner organisations have standards for safeguarding and identity checks. We only accept groups when we’re happy they can guarantee their service is safe.

If they’re not quite there yet, then we can support them along the way.

Using technology to keep users’ data safer

When you use Help Close By, just your necessary details are sent, and only to those who need it. Once you’ve got what you need, the delivery details will disappear from the volunteer’s phone.

If they forget to confirm the task as complete, we’ll automatically wipe it a few days later.

This is good news for organisations too:  organisations don’t need to keep copies of service users’ details, so there’s less chance of it falling into the wrong hands. It’s another way to make sure we’re meeting GDPR rules.

What happens if something goes wrong

We wish it weren’t the case, but any platform that connects people has the potential for things to go wrong.

With this in mind, we’ve built a flagging system into the software. If you feel unsafe at any point using Help Close By, then you can let us know.

Partner organisation? Read more about how we take safeguarding seriously on our Partners page here